September 21, 2009

Variation on a sketch

Just a variation on yesterday's sketch - the little guy's looking more skyward now, into the future (which is full of possibilities!).


Mighty Kwan said...

Heya Jeremy!! I saw the little blurb about you in a past issue of the SCBWI Magazine and had to look you up to see how things were going with you on your quest to get published! I'm on the same path and hopefully we'll both make it!

Please let me know how you like the Southern Breeze Conference. I'm considering attending next year(if finances allow). And I would like to know how well you like it and if you consider it worth the investment!

All my best to you man! The sketch looks great! You may consider having him look forward rather than back. I think it would symbolize better him looking to the future while right now it looks more lke he's observing his past(by looking backwards). Just something to think about. You know the intent of your image better than I!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Jeremy D. Evans said...

What's up Wilson!

Thanks for looking me up and commenting on my sketch!

Unfortunately, I'm not gonna be able to attend the Southern Breeze Conference this year -- I have a best friend who's getting married that same day, and I'm in the wedding party. But I am participating in the Southern Breeze Illustrators Workshop coming up this weekend (Oct. 3rd), so I'll definitely keep you posted on how that goes.

My most current sketch (which is actually a part of the Illustrators Workshop experience) does have the little guy looking off to the right -- I started thinking about how we read from left to right and thought people would psychologically interpret the left side as the past, and the right as the future. So he's now facing right, and his head is tilted slightly higher, too. I'll try to post the final design soon. I'm in the process of painting the actual piece right now -- gotta have it done by Saturday!

Wish you the best, man. Would love to keep in touch, see how things go for you as well.