August 17, 2009

So what is the little guy anyway?

I've finished a new piece featuring the little critter from my PJ series! So what is he exactly? I'm not sure yet what to call him, or what his "species" is either, but here's a view of him finally from the front! Inspiration came from several places - squirrels, kangaroo rats, cats, and my dog Basil.

August 5, 2009

PJ and the little critter find the cave...

I've finally finished the second painting in my "PJ" series!!!

In the end, I reworked PJ's posture and clothes a bit, as well as some of the cave's positioning in the foreground, but I really like where the piece has come since its early sketch stages.

As I was thinking about the idea for this piece, I kept coming back to a concept that there's a constant going into or coming out of a tunnel/passage leading from one world to another - basically the gateway to and from the supernatural. In the first painting, the little critter (I'll eventually give him a name and figure out just what he is exactly) is venturing out of his realm through the log into PJ's world. Now we've got the reverse - the little critter has convinced PJ to come into the supernatural world through this mysterious cave.

I'm definitely not finished with the story I'm developing with PJ. I've already got ideas of what it might possibly look like when we finally get to the other side of the tunnel and see the little critter's world. I'm thinking of creating a third piece for the ol' portfolio, but I'm hooked on where this story is going, so I'd love to crank out several more paintings... maybe even write out the entire epic saga!